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You’re Not Really Human

I'm Supposed To Get Married Today, But...

You call an old flame from high school whom you still have feelings for and ask to meet up. The flame says, “Sure, how about noon at the pub by your house.” While waiting at the pub, your flame walks in—wearing a wedding dress (or tuxedo). The flame looks at you and says, “I’m supposed to be getting married today, but …” What happens? Write this scene.

(500 words or fewer)

Writer’s Digest

New Relationship

I’m happy to say that I have a new interest in my life, and she is a beauty!

She possesses many qualities I like: she likes movies, old and new; she likes playing all kinds of music; she even likes playing video games, in fact, I’d say she has a special talent for it.

She is very sleek. She is quite stylish. And yes, she is also black—a trait I am very fond of! And my favorite quality… she purrs ever so softly when she gets turned on. Oh yes, can already tell she will keep me up late many nights, trading sleep for countless hours fun.

Psst… come a little closer… I probably shouldn’t being saying this, but… she also likes it when I’m in complete control. She likes—nay, PREFERS—it when I grip her firmly in my hands, caressing her contoured curves as I impose my will upon her. She likes it when my nimble fingers move across her—pushing, pulling, brushing, flicking… up-down-left-right, tracing circles—triggering impulses that cause her to tremble in my very hands. She likes that very much.

Yes… my new Xbox 360 E Console and I will have a very entertaining future together.


(Photo by Amanda Brezovsky)


(Photo by Amanda Brezovsky)